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Compass is a big project, so if you'd like to help out with any of the areas below, please do so. Your help in making Compass the best it can be is greatly appreciated!
You can either submit assets through our dedicated form (preferred), or in the #share-assets channel of our Discord. We accept both the assets themselves or links origin of them.

For all the details on how to submit assets, please visit our



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If you'd like to take a more direct approach to helping Compass. then please submit an application via the form below to join the Compass Crew.
We're looking for any skills you might have or anything you'd like to help with, big or small. Plus, no technical skulls are required, just your willingness to help out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Something I'm looking for isn't here, how can I request assets to be added?
Where can I share assets to Compass and what can I share?
Where can I submit missing assets?
What can I earn for submitting assets?

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If helping grow our asset database sounds interesting to you, click to fill out the form. Your help is greatly appreciated in making Compass the best placec for Sea of Thieves imagery and audio!