About Compass

What is Compass?

Compass is a fan-made asset database and community project that aims to collect and archive assets from Sea of Thieves.
Our packs expand to all areas of Sea of Thieves with Screenshots, Promotional Branding, Character and Prop Renders, Background Footage, Concept Art, Overlays, and more!
Golden Wayfinder Key Art
Buried Treasures

We collect and archive assets from across the Sea of Thieves.

Our database has been growing for over 4 years, with all manner of different images, audio, videos, and more!
Equipment Chest

We release new assets every week.

We release "Asset Packs" to the community to aid with their ideas and creations!

We're a community, from casual corsairs to dedicated art enthusiasts.

Come join us on Discord to discuss anything about Compass or the game.
Seeker of Pirate Plunder

Want to Join the Crew?

If helping grow our asset database sounds interesting to you, click to learn more. Your help is greatly appreciated in making Compass the best placec for Sea of Thieves imagery and audio!
Assets Released
Years of Updates
Of the Sea of Thieves Soundtrack Completed
Assets Downloaded

Frequently Asked Questions

Something I'm looking for isn't here, how can I request assets to be added?
What is the difference between the Compass Discord and Website?
How can I help out with Compass / share assets to the database?
Where can I go for support or to submit a bug report?

Want to Join the Crew?

Feel free to join our Discord to get the latest news and announcements about the project, to chat about anything Sea of Thieves, participate in our dedicated forum to request assets, or receive support. Plus, our ever-expanding database is all hands on deck. If you'd be interested in helping out, then head on over and join the crew!