Compass - End of Year Update

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Posted By Tophet
November 24, 2023

A Recap of 2023

What a year is has been! There has been one driving force this year, which was to get Compass finally released in a real capacity. Throughout the months I have been diligently working on collecting and archiving as much of the game's audio as I could. Every week I shared what I had collected, and that has almost been going on a year now. Eventually, I moved up to sharing direct website pages in March, with the release of the 2nd beta. By May, I was well underway with the full version of the website I wanted to have ready for release. Through the summer, we also saw the music from The Legend of Monkey Island come to Compass. This was also the first time music would arrive on the Compass YouTube channel. Through September, the site was my number one priority, and in October it finally released, coinciding with version 2.0 of Compass. After 3 years of working on many different areas of the project, it now finally had a true home.

That's why in November I decided to run an event leading up to Community Weekend. Every day for the last two weeks, I have been uploading music from the Official Sea of Thieves soundtrack on the Compass YouTube channel. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, a place where you can find all the music tracks in the game. I have many ideas for where I want to take the project next year, and I very excited to now share some of these with you.

A Preview of 2024

In December I'm going to continue to focus on releasing the entire Sea of Thieves soundtrack. I've felt like it has been going really well and the videos have been spreading awareness about the project. Expect to see the soundtrack continue all the way until the end of the year!

Through January, I am going to have an increased focus on ambience. Some of the more difficult to release music involves random stings that play around the world. I'm going to be focusing on these for a while. That means over on YouTube you'll receive pleasant mixes of the world of Sea of Thieves. As for the weekly releases, they will contain the individual music stings, as these have been highly requested.

Unlike 2023, 2024 won't just be about audio. As you may have seen, there's been some new images, banners, and renders arriving to Compass this month. Compass originally started out as an image database, much of which I've completed. Since audio was so popular, however, I chose to release that first. If you are just here for audio, do not fret; I still have a lot of SFX to release in 2024.

Expect to see regular drops of screenshots, key art, prop and character renders, banners, icons, and much more!

I would like to remind everyone that you now have the ability to submit assets right to the database with the Submit Assets button or directly from

Also in January will be a series of improvements to the website. There are still a few areas which I need to finish, including expanding the featured page, general asset packs, and the FAQ on the about page. There will also be many UI fixes for the mobile version of the site. There is a bug tracker in the support channel of the Discord if you run into any issues.

Ever since I released the Discord publicly last October, there have been more and more of you joining. I'm so glad there's interest in the project, and I can't wait to see how much more I can do next year!

Compass logo
Posted By Tophet
November 24, 2023

Want to Join the Crew?

Feel free to join our Discord to get the latest news and announcements about the project, to chat about anything Sea of Thieves, participate in our dedicated forum to request assets, or receive support. Plus, our ever-expanding database is all hands on deck. If you'd be interested in helping out, then head on over and join the crew!